With increasingly stringent requirements from regional and local councils to meet construction site water discharge suspended solids (TSS) limits, SiltØ offers a fresh approach to managing compliance.

SiltØ provides, operates, and maintains a fully automated and remotely monitored system for removal of suspended solids from your site wastewater.  You provide the dirty water and we’ll supply clean water back.

The SiltØ treatment system is a fully automated containerised system for removing suspended solids from stormwater without the dosing of chemical flocculants.

The system is designed to meet an increasing regulatory need for controlling and continuous monitoring of suspended solids concentrations in stormwater discharge from development sites, particularly in areas where very fine  solids don’t settle out in traditional gravity sedimentation ponds.

The process involves various stages of treatment, clarifying, and filtration, the outcome of which is clear water with a solids concentration less than the 50ppm requirement typically imposed by regional authorities.

The following video shows the results of suspended solids removal at each stage of the process:


  • Continuous monitoring and logging of discharge TSS and flow. If the TSS reaches alarm limits, processing will automatically stop and alert us to investigate any problem, while inflow is held in storage.
  • Weekly reports are emailed to site stakeholders showing key statistics demonstrating proactive compliance with discharge limits.
  • 24/7 support from our engineers to monitor, maintain and keep our system running – it’s our problem not yours.
  • No polymer flocculants added – SiltØ uses an alternative method of propagating flocs in the water by generating ions using electricity.
  • Fully automated variable speed pumping and intelligent storage tank level control system, designed to maximise raw water storage capacity to accommodate peaky inflows.
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